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domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

the clock sounds ring ring ringggg.

She wakes up in her small bedroom, the sun pass through the window. It is a sunny day, it is a perfect day, it is her day. She stands up with the right foot, opens the wardrobe and takes out her sexy clothes. She chooses a cool dress and her favorite boots. Turn on the lights and takes a short shower. She looks herself at the mirror, she brushes her hair. She takes her bag, packs all the books. Oh, shit! She has forgot that today is a normal day, she shouldn´t wear that clothes. Once again she stares at the mirror.
-Humm, I look good, why today must be a normal day?
She is ready ´cause she have decided that today won´t be a normal day, today will be HER FUCKING PERFECT DAY!


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